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A major part of geography courses are learning where places are located on a map. American states, European countries, the states, capital cities and even flags. All are part of what makes us who we are and what we value.

The online geography resource I’m sharing with you today isn’t a textbook. But, it is a super fun and cool way to learn these core tenets of any geography curriculum. Free geography quiz games for all ages. Challenge your friends, challenge your family. How well do you know your geography?

I tried the American states map. It displays a map and then gives you a state name. In the timed quiz, you click on the state which you think is the answer. If you’re right, it turns white. If you are wrong, it tells you the right name for the state you choose and gives you another chance to find the right state.

The geography quiz games are divided by continent. For North America, there are quizzes for North America, Central America and the Carribean. With the United States quizzes, you can work on the original colonies, states, state capitals, state flags, major cities and even the major rivers.

The link I’ve shared with you goes directly to the map quizzes in English. However, language students might find using one of the numerous alternate languages as a way to learn those languages.

There are 4 available game modes – learn, pin, place the labels and type. The type puzzle highlights a location and then you have to type the right place, with the right spelling. It also gives you clues! These geography quiz games are a super cool way to learn.


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Online Geography Quiz Games

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