Nuclear Power – System Simulations and Operations

Written by: Pavel Tsvetkov (Texas A&M University)

Pavel V. Tsvetkov has compiled a number of writings from nuclear engineering experts around the world into this free textbook. The book explores the sustainability of nuclear power and how it can be utilized to support growing economies. In his preface, Tsvetkov cautions that any “new energy sources and systems must be inherently safe and environmentally benign.” He further cautions that after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, that we need to develop new approaches and system designs to ensure system safety.

He hopes, with this book, to encourage field experts and non-field experts to share ideas and work together to develop new tools and methods. With a “system-thinking” approach, the material focuses on the operational characteristics of nuclear power plants.

Table of Contents for Nuclear Power – System Simulations and Operations

Chapter 1:
Simulation and Simulators for Nuclear Power Generation
(Janos Sebestyen Janosy)

Chapter 2:
Safety Studies and General Simulations of Research Reactors Using Nuclear Codes
(Antonella L. Costa, Patrícia A. L. Reis, Clarysson A. M. Silva, Claubia Pereira, Maria Auxiliadora F. Veloso, Bruno T. Guerra, Humberto V. Soares and Amir Z. Mesquita)

Chapter 3:
Development of an Appendix K Version of RELAP5-3D and Associated Deterministic-Realistic Hybrid Methodology for LOCA Licensing Analysis
(Thomas K. S. Liang)

Chapter 4:
Analysis of Error Propagation Between Software Processes
(Sizarta Sarshar)

Chapter 5:
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis in Support of Plant Operation
(Francesc Reventós)

Chapter 6:
A Literature Survey of Neutronics and Thermal-Hydraulics Codes for Investigating Reactor Core Parameters; Artificial Neural Networks as the VVER-1000 Core Predictor (Farshad Faghihi H. Khalafi and S. M. Mirvakili)

Chapter 7:
Recent Trends in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Fission Product Transport From Fuel to Primary Coolant of PWRs
(Nasir M. Mirza, Sikander M. Mirza and Muhammad J. Iqbal)

Chapter 8:
Thermal-Hydraulic Simulation of Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactors
(Markku Hänninen and Joona Kurki)

Chapter 9:
Non-Linear Design Evaluation of Class 1-3 Nuclear Power Piping
Lingfu Zeng, Lennart G. Jansson and Lars Dahlström)

Chapter 10:
The Text-Mining Approach Towards Risk Communication in Environmental Science
(Akihide Kugo)



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Nuclear Power – System Simulations and Operations

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