Native Peoples of North America

The folks at SUNY have truly embraced the open textbook revolution. Native Peoples of North America is their first anthropology textbook. Dr. Susan Stebbins, the author, is a member of their Potsdam Anthropology department. Stebbins is a Native American scholar with a background in cultural anthropology. Her focus is on Native American and Indigenous Studies.

This textbook discusses the “language, kinship, marriage and family life, political and economical organization, food getting, spiritual and religious practices, and the arts” of the native peoples of North America from more of an anthropological approach as opposed to one based on cultural descriptions. It is therefore not intended to be a course of study on individual societies, i.e. The Cherokee, Comanche or Navajo. Stebbins places each society in the world culture and does not discuss them as isolated groups as do many of her contemporaries.

Chapter Titles for Native Peoples in North America online textbook

  1. In 1491…
  2. All Our Relations
  3. Resources and Their Distribution
  4. Status, Rank and Power
  5. Religion and Spiritual Beliefs
  6. Is There a Word for Art?

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Native Peoples of North America

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