Mind, Brain and Adaptation

Written by: Dr. Robert M. Young

The complete title of this social psychology textbook is Mind, Brain and Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century: Cerebral Localization and Its Biological Context from Gall to Ferrier. It was written by Robert M. Young. Dr. Young, Professor of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Studies at the Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield and Co-Director of the Institute of Human Relations, New Bulgarian University, Sofia.

Young originally published a form of this work over 20 years ago and has been studying cerebral localization for over 30 years. Within the preface, he suggests that the history of research in psychology should be viewed as a development away from philosophy and toward general biology.The text covers the disciplines of phrenology, sensory-motor physiology, associationist psychology and the theory of evolution.

Chapters included in Mind, Brain and Adaptation

  • New Preface vii and Preface xix
  • Introduction
  • Gall and Phrenology: Speculation versus Observation versus Experiment
  • Experimental Sensory-Motor Physiology and the Association Psychology
  • Alexander Bain: Transition from Introspective Psychology to Experimental Psychophysiology
  • Pierre Paul Broca and the Seat of the Faculty of Articulate Language
  • Herbert Spencer: Phrenology, Evolutionary Associationism and Cerebral Localization
  • Spencer, Jackson, Carpenter and the Application of Sensory-Motor Localization to the Cerebral Cortices
  • Fritsch and Hitzig and the Localized Electrical Excitability of the Cerebral Hemispheres
  • David Ferrier: Localization of Sensory-Motor Psychophysiology
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography and Index

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