Medicines By Design

Written by: National Institute of General Medical Services

This online medical textbook discusses how medicines work in the body and how this information guides future drug research. The science of pharmacology is constantly changing. Professionals in the fields of chemistry, genetics, cell biology, physiology, computer science and engineering can be found working together to research how to prevent and treat disease.

This pharmacology textbook is offered by the National Institute of General Medical Services and an unidentified author. Based on a somewhat quick reading, it would seem this textbook is designed to introduce the field of pharmacology to students and and anyone interested in the an overview of the topic.

Section Titles for Medicines by Design Online Pharmacology Textbook

  • Foreward
  • Chapter 1: ABCs of Pharmacology
  • Chapter 2: Body, Heal Thyself
  • Chapter 3: Drugs From Nature, Then and Now
  • Chapter 4: Molecules to Medicines
  • Medicines for the Future
  • Glossary

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Medicines By Design

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