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Like so many of the topics in mathematics, statistics is a field of study that is often utilized by a variety of professions. Many traditional and online statistics textbooks are promoted for students of those fields. Rather than scatter statistics books across The Free Textbook List, I will be adding all of them here. Seems like it makes the most sense to include it in the math textbooks area since the most common prerequisites for any statistics course are basic math and algebra.

Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of data. In one form or another, virtually every business will use some level of statistical data to help maintain and grow their business.

List of Free Statistics Textbooks

A New View of Statistics

Written by: Will G. Hopkins (AUT University)

A New View of Statistics is a wonderful statistics resource for sports and exercise students and anyone else studying statistics.

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

Written by: Richard Lowry (Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Vassar College)

Free online inferential statistics textbook written by Richard Lowry along with some statistical procedures, calculators and other information. Appears to be designed for psychology students.

Experiment, Design and Statistics in Psychology

Written by: Colin Robson (University of Huddersfield)

Free online statistics in psychology textbook for psychology majors, who have limited math backgrounds, to enable them to design their own experiments and perform their own statistical calculations.

Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models and Applications

Written by: David W. Stockburger (Missouri State University)

Emeritus professor David W. Stockburger shares his free online introductory statistics textbook for behavioral science students.

Little Handbook of Statistical Practice

Written by: Gerard E. Dallal (Tufts University)

Covering more than theory and methods, this statistics handbook is about actually using statistics. Geared for nutritional epidemiology and science students.

Modern Probability Theory and Its Applications

Written by: Emanuel Parzen (Stanford University)

Modern Probability Theory and Its Applications by Emanuel Parzen. Where to find the complete text online and information on what it covers.

Probability and Statistics eBook

Written by: UCLA Statistics Online Computational Resource

Free online probability and statistics ebook from the UCLA Statistics Online Computational Resource. Book is set up as a wiki with interconnected sections.

Seeing Statistics

Written by: Gary McClelland (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Something unique and different here but it might require changing your security settings. Seeing Statistics is an interactive statistics textbook that uses JavaScript.

Statistics at Square One

Written by: T D V Swinscow and revised by M. J. Campbell from the University of Southampton

The 9th version of Statistics at Square One appears to be the only version currently available for free to students. Geared for medical research students.


Written by: Philip B. Stark (University of California, Berkeley)

This free online introductory statistics textbook is geared for general studies students without a calculus background. No software required. Includes a glossary, dynamic content and exercises.

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