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  • Abstract Math, Abstract Algebra & Proofs (4)
  • Calculus (15)
  • Differential and Difference Equations (1)
  • Discrete Mathematics (4)
  • Dynamical Systems And Ergodic Theory (1)
  • Geometry (5)
  • High School Algebra (2)
  • Linear Algebra (9)
  • Mathematical Constants (1)
  • Precalculus (8)
  • Quaternions (3)
  • Statistics (11)

  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

    Written by: The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews

    The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews, has created a virtual history of mathematics with bios of famous mathematicians.

    Theory of Functions of a Real Variable

    Written by: Shlomo Sternberg (Harvard University)

    Graduate text on measure theory and integration and Hilbert space theory, particularly the spectral theorem and its applications. By Shlomo Sternberg of Harvard.

    Topics in Real and Functional Analysis

    Written by: Gerald Teschl (University of Vienna)

    Textbook with 3 independent sections – Functional Analysis, Real Analysis and Nonlinear Functional Analysis; by Gerald Teschl of the University of Vienna.

    What is Mathematics: Gödel’s Theorem and Around

    Written by: Karlis Podnieks (University of Latvia)

    Advanced mathematics textbook by University of Latvia professor Karlis Podnieks on Gödel’s Theorem

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