Free Mathematical Constants Textbooks

Part of what I loved about my studies in mathematics is while there are often multiple ways to get there, there is usually only one right answer to things. (At least with the courses I took.)

Central to all of mathematics are mathematical constants – those things like π; square roots of 2, 3 and 5; e and a number of others; where the value remains the same. While most of us utilizing those values will generally only need a handful of significant digits, computers have enabled mathematicians to calculate these values to several million digits.

I’ve included a number of links to some the most commonly used mathematical constants here.

The first 1,000 prime numbers

The Number e to 1 million places

Catalan’s Constant to 300,000 decimals

The Golden Mean – to 1 million digits.

Square Root of 2 – this one seems beyond what the typical math student would require but it is the square root of 2 to 5 million digits (yes, that’s not a misprint, 5 million)

Square Root of 3 – out to over 1 million digits.

Square Root of 5 – out to over 1 million digits.

List of Free Mathematical Constants Textbooks

Numbers, Constants and Computation

Written by: Xavier Gourdon and Pascal Seba

The work of two computer scientists; Numbers, Constants and Computation shares exactly what the title implies. Quick loading and easy site for reference use.

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