Free High School Algebra Textbooks

It seems that high school algebra is a bit of a milepost on our educational journeys. We move beyond simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to learn how to use those skills in more powerful ways.

For some students, it’s a cool new way to build upon existing skills. For others, it becomes a bit of a confusing nightmare of new terms and concepts.

Hopefully, these high school algebra textbooks will help students currently in high school to access another educator’s words. Perhaps a slightly different explanation of the concept you’re working on will aid in understanding. Trust me here, I supplemented my teacher’s and professor’s words with additional materials many times. It works quite often.

Additionally, they might provide assistance for home-schooling families who are looking for either primary or secondary instructional materials.

For those of you out of high school, including high school algebra texts here will hopefully provide you with a free refresher course.

While the vast majority of the materials I share here on the Free Online Textbook list are geared for college and university students, high school algebra courses contain material that is used in many fields of study.

List of Free High School Algebra Textbooks

A First Book in Algebra

Written by: Wallace C. Boyden

A First Algebra Book has a bit of age on it but this introductory online algebra book is designed for young students being introduced to doing math with letters.

Algebra I

Algebra I students and those needing a refresher can make great use of this online mathematics text.

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