Mathematical Writing: An Introductory Course

This textbook used to be freely available from the website of the University where the author was teaching. It is no longer available on that site and it does appear that a publisher is now requiring payment to obtain the latest version of this book. In an odd quirk, I found it on Google Books and although it is listed as a preview, it does appear to be fairly complete. (It may require a gmail or other Google account and I can’t guarantee it will stay that way but hopefully it will.)

The author is Franco Vivaldi of the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. At one time, he was teaching an undergraduate course in Mathematical Writing. His textbook is geared to those students at all levels who are looking to “raise the quality of their written output in coursework and exams, or may need to expand their vocabulary to reflect a growing mathematical maturity.” All students should benefit from reviewing Chapter 1. Chapters 2 and 3 also cover more fundamental concepts. Chapter 4 is recommended for students taking their first analysis course and should be read prior to exploring chapters 5, 7 and 9. The remaining chapters may require the mathematical maturity of senior undergraduates or graduate students. Students looking for help with their dissertation should find chapters 6 and 10 most useful.

The text includes a solutions manual.

Chapter Titles from Mathematical Writing: An Introductory Course Online Textbook

  1. Some Writing Tips
  2. Essential Dictionary I
  3. Essential Dictionary II
  4. Mathematical Sentences
  5. Describing Functions
  6. Writing Well
  7. Induction
  8. Existence and Definitions
  9. Writing a Thesis

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