Kimball’s Biology Pages

Written by: John W. Kimball (Tufts University and Harvard)

He taught biology and chemistry to high school students at Phillips Academy. He also taught biology to Harvard students and immunology to students at Tufts University and Harvard. He has written six editions of his biology textbook and is now making it free for students and educators around the word.

Professor John W. Kimball, emeritus, prefers to study systems as they occur in both plants and animals. His site originally offered the information like something of an online glossary. Students contacted him about making the site more friendly to students conducting self-study. He has added a list of topics to aid students traverse his site as if they were reading a biology textbook.

Table of Contents for Kimball’s Biology Textbook

The Chemical Basis of Life
The Molecules of Life
The Cellular Basis of Life
DNA: The Substance of the Genes
Gene Expression
Cell Division
The Genetic Consequences of Meiosis
Regulation of Gene Expression
Genomics: manipulating genes
Embryonic Development and its Regulation
The Anatomy and Physiology of Animals
Gas Exchange
Circulatory Systems
The Immune System
Sexual Reproduction
The Nervous System
The Senses
The Anatomy and Physiology of Plants
Plant Anatomy
Plant Physiology
Reproduction in Plants
Plant Development
Energy Flow through the Biosphere
Cycles of Matter in the Biosphere
The Growth of Populations
Interactions between Species
The Diversity of Life
Eukaryotic Life
General Science

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