Kevin and Indira’s Guide to Getting Into Medical School

Written by: Kevin Ahern (Oregon State University) and Indira Rajagopal (Oregon State University)

Don’t let the casual name of this guidebook fool you. Kevin and Indira’s Guide to Getting Into Medical School is written by two educators who have spent much of their careers providing advice to their students on getting into medical school. The book was originally written for their students and made freely available to everyone on the Oregon State website. For whatever reason, the university no longer houses the text, but due to the magic that is Internet Archive, I can share it with you.

This book is designed for all students interested in going to medical school. Students should begin planning their strategy for acceptance when they begin their post-secondary education as freshmen. It was current as of January 16, 2013.

While truly geared to help students with applying and getting into medical school, this guide offers some great advice on interviewing that could be incorporated into most any job interview.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

When should you begin preparing to apply?
How should you prepare yourself?
Reading, writing, rhetoric . . and more
Test preparation
D.O. vs. M.D.
Diversity of knowledge
Diversity of experience
Medical experience
Preparing to apply

Personal Statement

Setting yourself apart
You are not a list
Adult experience
Mind your language
Show, don’t tell
Problem words

The Application Process

Gentle Reminders
The Waiting Game

The Interview

What impression do you want to make?
The invitation
The big day
Getting to your interview
Set the tone
Taking charge
Body language
Use you voice
Projecting confidence
Size matters
Difficult Questions
Multiple mini-interviews
MMI formats
Ending the interview
Other considerations
After the interview
The waiting game, part two
Making choices

Exercises and Tip

Thinking on your feet
Who are you?
Thanks for the memories
Sounding like an adult
Framing the issue


How should I dress for my interview?
What if it rains?
Can I carry notes or a piece of paper?
Should I tell interviewers that their school is my number one choice?
Should I make a joke in my interview?
What if a questioner gets in my face at the interview?
Is it OK to take 5 years to graduate?

Sample Questions

Standard questions
MMI type questions

Final Thoughts

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Kevin and Indira’s Guide to Getting Into Medical School

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