Introduction to Programming Using Java

Written by: David J. Eck (Holbart and William Smith Colleges)

This free online textbook on introductory programming is in its seventh edition. The text covers “Java 7” but does mention some of the new features included in Java 8. (I am not familiar with Java and do not know how compatible the two versions are and whether or not this textbook is as useful as it once was.)

The 7th edition of Introduction to Programming Using Java was released in August of 2014. It is intended as an introductory programming class but does recommend that students should have a general familiarity with computers and programs. The main focus of the text is on learning how to program rather than being a comprehensive Java programming guide for programmers wishing to learn a new language.

The author, David J. Eck is a member of the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Eck has provided the sample programs used in the text and he provides instructions on how to compile and run the examples.

Chapter Titles from Introduction to Programming Using Java Online Textbook

  1. Overview: The Mental Landscape
  2. Programming in the Small I: Names and Things
  3. Programming in the Small II: Control
  4. Programming in the Large I: Subroutines
  5. Programming in the Large II: Objects and Classes
  6. Introduction to GUI Programming
  7. Arrays and ArrayLists
  8. Correctness, Robustness, Efficiency
  9. Linked Data Structures and Recursion
  10. Genetic Programming and Collection Classes
  11. Advanced Input/Output: Streams, Files and Networking
  12. Threads and Multiprocessing
  13. Advanced GUI Programming
  14. Source Code for All Examples in this Book

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Introduction to Programming Using Java

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