Introduction to Human Osteology

This free online human anthropology textbook was written by Roberta Hall, Kenneth Beals, Holm Neumann, Georg Neumann and Gwyn Madden and published by Grand Valley State University. It was originally published in 1978 and again in 1984 and 2008.

Bones and teeth are the hardest parts of the body. It only makes sense that they would be what remains long after death for archaeologists to find. Therefore, they provide the most clues as to how humans have changed throughout history.

In Introduction to Human Osteology, students will learn about the bones of the body from our heads to our feet along with our teeth. It is heavily illustrated with drawings and photographs to aid anthropology students with identification. While this textbook is geared for anthropology students and the human osteology laboratory classroom, I would think it would also greatly benefit anyone studying human anatomy.

Students can download individual chapters or the entire text.

Table of Contents of Introduction to Human Osteology

Chapter 1: Crania
Chapter 2: Limbs
Chapter 3: Hands and Feet
Chapter 4: Vertebral Column and Thorax
Chapter 5: Pelvis and Dentition

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