Introduction to Economic Analysis

Written by: R. Preston McAfee (Caltec)

There are two versions of this free online Introduction to Economic Analysis textbook available. The first edition was written by R. Preston McAfee while he was still teaching at Caltech.

While it wasn’t adopted for use by a huge number of schools, it was used by NYU, Harvard and others. McAfee suspected that the first edition from 2006 was lacking in supplemental materials. He brought in Tracy Lewis of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University to help add those materials and co-author a new textbook.

McAfree suggests that the first edition of his economic analysis textbook might be a good choice for “mathematically adept independent readers, especially engineers.” The work is aimed “to be more like economists actually practice economics, analyzing interesting issues with models and a modicum of data.”

  1. What Is Economics?
  2. Supply and Demand Quantification
  3. The U.S. Economy Government Interventions Trade
  4. Externalities
  5. Public Goods
  6. Producer Theory: Costs Producer Theory: Dynamics Investment
  7. Consumer Theory
  8. Applied Consumer Theory General Equilibrium Monopoly
  9. Games & Strategic Behavior Imperfect Competition Information
  10. Agency Theory
  11. Auctions
  12. Antitrust

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Introduction to Economic Analysis

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