Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry

Written by: Daniel J. Jacob (Harvard University)

This textbook was written by Professor Daniel J. Jacob from Harvard University for an undergraduate course. Target students are studying engineering or natural sciences. The textbook covers the basics of atmospheric chemistry and its application to major environmental problems. Text includes study questions at the end of most sections, the numerical answers are provided but the author does not explain how to obtain or calculate those answers.

Students should prepare for a course on atmospheric chemistry by taking 1-2 years of college level math, chemistry and physics. While these materials do tend to read and are presented like a textbook, they are course notes and students are referred to additional resources at the end of many of the chapters. (I checked one of the suggested readings and it was partially available online for free. Hopefully, the other suggestions are also easily accessible to students.)

Chapter Titles for Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry Textbook

  1. Measures of Atmospheric Composition
  2. Atmospheric Pressure
  3. Simple Models
  4. Atmospheric Transport
  5. The Continuity Equation
  6. Geochemical Cycles
  7. The Greenhouse Effect
  8. Aerosols
  9. Chemical Kinetics
  10. Stratospheric Ozone
  11. Oxidizing Power of the Troposphere
  12. Ozone Air Pollution
  13. Acid Rain
  14. Numerical Solutions to Problems

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Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry

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