Introducing Marketing

Written by: John Burnett

This appears to be a later, and perhaps more concise of an earlier work that I’ve listed on The Free Textbook List. Core Concepts of Marketing was published 9 years before Introducting Marketing. Both marketing textbooks contain an almost identical preface and introductory explanation. The publishers are different and the table of contents reads a little differently but all in all it looks pretty much like the same material. They both even begin with Elvis and how his life and music are still being successfully marketed and earning over $250 million annually on Elvis-related trinkets at his estate and museum.

The author, Dr. John Burnett, had a long career in academia before retiring and becoming a marketing consultant and expert witness in the areas of unfair competition/trademark infringement.

Both marketing textbooks are designed to offer students a concise introduction to marketing and the various techniques deployed in the global marketplace created by modern technology. Examples and case studies follow international companies from small, privately held firms to Fortune 500 companies.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which version would best suit your needs. They are both available for free online in a variety of formats. If, however, you wish to purchase a paperback version, the older edition is significantly cheaper (think $30 or less). You might also be able to score a used copy of this version on Amazon too.

Table of Contents Introducing Marketing

About the author
1. Introducing Marketing
Elvis— alive and well
Marketing: definition and justification
Keys to marketing success
2. Understanding and approaching the market
Defining the market
Types of markets
Approaching the market
3. Marketing research: an aid to decision making
The nature and importance of marketing research
What needs researching in marketing?
Procedures and techniques in marketing research
Conducting the research
Processing the data
The value of marketing research
4. Understanding buyer behavior
Till death do us part
Buyer behavior and exchange
Buyer behavior as problem solvingOrganizational buyer behavior
5. External considerations in marketing
External factors that affect planning
6. Marketing in global markets
Defining international marketing
Standardization and customization
Reasons for entering international markets
Reasons to avoid international markets
The stages of going international
The international marketing plan
The international marketing environment
7. Introducing and managing the product
Defining the product
Classification of products
Product planning and strategy formulation
8. Communicating to mass markets
The role of IMC
The objectives of marketing communication
How we communicate
Designing an IMC strategy
Understanding advertising
Sales promotion and public relations
9. Pricing the product
Price defined: three different perspectives
Pricing objectives
Developing a pricing strategy
New product pricing
Price lines
Price flexibility
Price bundling
Psychological aspects of pricing
Alternative approaches to determining price
The future of pricing
10. Channel concepts: distributing the product
The dual functions of channels
The evolution of the marketing channel
Flows in marketing channels
Functions of the channel
Channel institutions: capabilities and limitations
Organizing the channel
The channel management process
The human aspect of distribution

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