Internet Super-User Textbook

Written by: Marsha Du Toit, Anna Malczyk and Jean-Paul Van Belle

I suspect that by the time an American student reaches college, they may not have need for this online textbook as many are already an Internet super user. But, for the returning or non-traditional student, it may just help them get up to speed and learn how the Internet can help them in their studies.

It was written in 2011 and may not be 100% up to date but the chapter on using search engines looks like a great primer that is still relevant. However, I suspect the chapter on cell phones may no longer accurately represent all of the things today’s phones can do. The text is the work of Marsha Du Toit, Anna Malczyk and Jean-Paul Van Belle.

Chapter Titles for Internet Super-User Free Online Textbook

  1. Understanding the Internet
  2. Using Web Browsers
  3. Using Search Engines
  4. Communicating Online
  5. Researching Online
  6. Managing Information
  7. Staying Safe Online
  8. Transacting Online
  9. Social Networking
  10. Browsing the Web on Your Cellphone
  11. Publishing Yourself Online
  12. Your Future as an Internet Super-User

There does not appear to be a landing or information page for this text. The website listed in the preface no longer appears active. The provided link will take you directly to the text. The somewhat large PDF file might take a few moments to load.


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Internet Super-User Textbook

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