Integrated Pest Management

Written by: University of Minnesota

It began in 1996. Edward B. Radcliffe and William D. Hutchinson from the Department of Entomology, College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota created a website dedicated to providing an alternative or complement to traditional printed textbooks. It is now filled with 70 chapters, written by a number of experts from around the world.

This free online entomology textbook is a series of articles on integrated pest management which is now being maintained by the University of Minnesota.

Section Headings from Radcliffe’s IPM World Textbook

  • Biological Control: Theory and Application
  • Control Tactics (Methodologies)
  • Computer Applications
  • Crop and Commodity Pest Management
  • Ecology and Population Sampling
  • Host Plant Resistance
  • IPM: Policy and Implementation
  • Pesticides: Chemistries/Pesticide Resistance
  • Medical and Veterinary
  • Urban and Stored Product

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Integrated Pest Management

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