Industrial Organization, a Contract Based approach

Written by: Nicolas Boccard (University of Girona)

You can find an older version of this business textbook on Google Books. But, if you are looking for the latest release, direct from the author, you’ve come to the right place. Nicolas Boccard, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Girona shares with students, academics and practitioners around the world on his website.

Along with the material presented by Boccard, the extensive bibliography will provide students with a treasure trove of research materials. The book and the bibliography are presented as a series of PDF files on Google Docs.

Boccard defines Industrial Organization as being the same as Industrial Economics. He explains that economic science “studies the allocation of scarce resources among alternative uses to achieve desired objectives.” Industrial Organization “focuses on the firms that are involved in this process taking especially into account the fact that competition is ‘among the few’.”

Table for Contents for Industrial Organization Textbook

  1. Market Power
  2. Strategic Interaction
  3. Antitrust Issues
  4. Differentiation and Innovation
  5. Integration
  6. Public Oversight
  7. Incentives and Information
  8. Network Industries

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Industrial Organization, a Contract Based approach

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