ICP Operations, a Guide for new ICP Users

Written by: Paul Gaines (Senior Chemist and CEO of Inorganic Ventures)

Free online ICP Operations guide for anyone “operating and preparing samples and standards for measurement using ICP.” Written by Dr. Paul Gaines, who is currently the senior chemist and CEO of Inorganic Ventures.

Table of Contents

Multi-Element Standard Blends
1. Elemental and Matrix Compatibility
2. Quality Issues
3. Handling, Calculations, Preparation and Storage of Standards
Sample Introduction
4. Sample Introduction Systems
5. Nebulizers, Spray Chambers and Torches
6. Compatibility and Precision Issues
Performance Characteristics
7. Linearity and Detection Limits
8. Spectral Interference: Types, Avoidance and Correction
9. Key Instrument Parameters
Calibration Techniques
10. Calibration Curve and Standard Additions Techniques
11. Internal Standardization and Isotope Dilution

Problem Elements
12. Common Problems with Hg, Au, Si, Os and Na
13. Common Problems with Ag, As, S, Ba, Pb and Cr
Basic Calculations
14. Accuracy, Precision, Mean and Standard Deviation
15. Significant Figures and Uncertainty
16. Traceability

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ICP Operations, a Guide for new ICP Users

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