How to Write a PhD Thesis

Overwhelmed at the thought of writing a thesis? I suspect this free online guide might help you turn what seems like a daunting task into one that is manageable.

It isn’t as long or as fancy as his PHYSCLIPS, physics resource but this guide on how to write a PhD thesis offers students a number of great pointers. This short online guide was originally written in 1996 by Joe Wolfe from the University of New South Wales. He realized after working with one of his own PhD students that there was a need for such a document. I noticed somewhere on his websites that he is surprised that this guide is still being used by so many students.

The guide on writing a thesis is offered in English, Spanish, French and Italian and offers suggestions for all students, not just those writing a thesis for a physics-related topic.

Section Titles of the How to Write a PhD Thesis Online Guide

  • Getting Started
    • An Outline
    • Organisation
    • Word Processors
    • A Timetable
    • Iterative Solution
  • What is a thesis? For whom is it written? How should it be written
    • How much detail?
    • Make it clear what is yours
    • Style
    • Presentation
    • How many copies?
    • Personal
    • Coda
  • Thesis Structure

Complimentary Materials

The author has also written a guide on How to survive a thesis defence and a guide to Writing and publishing a scientific paper. Both guides can be accessed from the one described here.


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How to Write a PhD Thesis

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