Holistic Numerical Methods

Resource website with information designed for students taking a Numerical Methods course as part of an engineering major or computer science, chemistry, physics, geology or biology majors will often apply many of the topics covered in a traditional numerical methods course. The materials are offered with different versions based upon the student’s engineering course of study and the mathematics software that they use. A large team of professors, graduate students and undergraduates maintain this reference site.

Numerical Methods Topics Covered

Measuring Errors
Sources of Error
Binary Representation
Floating Pt Representation
Propagation of Errors
Taylor Theorem Revisit
Primer on Differentiation
Continuous Function
Discrete Function
Nonlinear Equations
Quadratic Equations
Cubic Equations
Bisection Method
Newton-Raphson Meth
Secant Method
False- Position Method
Simultaneous Linear Equations
Intro to Matrix Algebra
Gaussian Elimination
Gauss-Seidel Met
LU Decomposition
Cholesky and LDLT Decomposition
Primer on Interpolation
Direct Method
Newton’s Dif Method
Lagrange Method
Spline Method
Primer on Regression
Linear Regression
Nonlinear Regression
Adequacy of Regression
Integral Calc Primer
Trapezoidal Rule
Simpson’s 1/3rd Rule
Romberg Integration
Gauss-Quad Rule
Discrete Data Integration
Improper Integration
Simpson’s 3/8 Rule
Ordinary Differential Equations
Primer on ODE
Euler’s Method
Runge-Kutta 2nd
Runge-Kutta 4th
Finite Diff Method
Shooting Method
Higher Order/Coupled
Special Topics
Partial Differential Equations
Fast Fourier Transforms

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