Free Historical & Classical Works Textbooks

Planning on taking a college course in history, English or literature where the information is essentially timeless?

Be sure to check out these resources first and you might be able to save thousands of dollars on buying historical or classical works of fiction and non-fiction for your next high school or college course.

Be clever in your search. If you are taking a course like the “Complete Works of Shakespeare” and the assigned textbook contains his plays and sonnets but not a great deal of additional material, search these resources for those works the course covers and avoid buying a $200 compendium you could build yourself for free.

Studying classical materials shouldn’t have to cost students a dime, particularly when so much of the material is now in the public domain. These sites offer collections of public domain scholarly materials free for the taking. Be sure to check them first before visiting your bookstore.

List of Free Historical & Classical Works Textbooks

The Complete Works of Charles Dickens

Written by: Charles Dickens

The complete works of Charles Dickens in 2 forms. Unabridged is free online or for under $5 on Kindle with tons of extras including original illustrations.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Written by: William Shakespeare

The complete works of William Shakespeare for free online. Save money by reading them online or purchase a great compilation from Oxford University Press.

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