Handbook of Forensic Services

Written by: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Guidelines from the FBI Forensic Laboratory on procedures for safe and efficient methods for evidence collection. It also describes the various examinations they conduct of collected forensic evidence.

While students may not need to be aware of FBI policies, it would seem the section on Evidence Examinations would be particularly helpful to students. It contains information as to what can be determined from particular types of materials i.e. chemical composition, manufacturer, or source. It has guidelines for sample handling and packaging which would seem to offer advice for proper evidence gathering of those materials. Additionally, there is an extensive section on crime scene safety which could prove useful to forensic science students.

The PDF file for the FBI Handbook of Forensic Services is freely available for downloading. The last time I visited their site, the handbook carried a revision date of 2013.

Table of Contents

FBI Forensic Services
Additional Case Acceptance Guidelines
Requesting Evidence Examinations
Packaging and Shipping Evidence

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Handbook of Forensic Services

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