Grazing Management: an Ecological Perspective

The chapters of this free online textbook have been written by a number of different authors during a period of six years. They wanted to offer students, educators, scientists, agency personnel and others an integrated approach to addressing grazing management that maintains the integrity of ecological systems.

The text does lean heavily on examples from Texas rangelands – a number of the authors have professional experience in that region. Grazing Management: an Ecological Perspective does cover a diverse array of vegetation types and geographical regions. It was edited by Rodney K. Heitschmidt and Jerry W. Stuth.

The citations section would also prove useful to students seeking more information on specific topics. None are hyperlinked. I’m not sure how available they are but it would lead you to the names of experts you could research further.

Chapter Titles from Grazing Management Textbook

Chapter 1 – An Ecological Perspective
Chapter 2 – Range Animal Nutrition
Chapter 3 – Foraging Behavior
Chapter 4 – Developmental Morphology and Physiology of Grasses
Chapter 5 – Ecosystem-Level Processes
Chapter 6 – Hydrology and Erosion
Chapter 7 – Livestock Production
Chapter 8 – Wildlife
Chapter 9 – Social and Economic influences on grazing management
Chapter 10 – The Decision-Making Environment and Planning Paradigm
APPENDIX A – Animal Species List
APPENDIX B – Supplemental Plant Species List
Literature Cited

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Grazing Management: an Ecological Perspective

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