Fundamentals of Computer Graphics with Java, OpenGL and Jogl

Written by: David J. Eck (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

This free online computer science textbook was originally written in 2010. It was for a class being offered to advanced undergraduate computer science majors.

It may only be a preliminary and partially complete, but this computer graphics textbook looks like it would be a great resource for computer science students.

Students will need a strong background in Java programming. OpenGl and Jogl knowledge is not required and the full version aspires to be more of a complete course on those languages.

Chapters in the Fundamentals of Computer Graphics with Java, OpenGL and Jogl Textbook

  1. Java Graphics Fundamentals in Two Dimensions
    • Section 1: Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics
    • Section 2: Two-dimensional Graphics in Java
    • Section 3: Transformations and Modeling
  2. The Basics of OpenGl and Jogl
    • Section 1: Basic OpenGL 2D Programs
    • Section 2: Into the Third Dimension
    • Section 3: Drawing in 3D
    • Section 4: Normals and Textures
  3. Geometry
    • Section 1: Vectors, Matrices, and Homogeneous Coordinates
    • Section 2: Primitives
    • Section 3: Polygonal Meshes
    • Section 4: Drawing Primitives
    • Section 5: Viewing and Projection
  4. Light and Material
    • Section 1: Vision and Color
    • Section 2: OpenGL Materials
    • Section 3: OpenGL Lighting
    • Section 4: Lights and Materials in Scenes
    • Section 5: Textures
  5. Some Topics Not Covered (brief discussion of planned future chapters)

This online computer science textbook also includes a section with the source code for all of the examples used within the book.

Students can view the chapters online or download a PDF version. Students can also visit the course syllabus which also includes the laboratory exercises, some of the course handouts and two exam study guides.


View this Free Online Material at the source:
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics with Java, OpenGL and Jogl

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