Freud and His Critics

Written by: Paul Robinson (University of California)

Free personality psychology textbook by Paul Robinson, University of California Press, 1993. Robinson examines the writings of three of Freud’s critics and discusses Freud’s place in Intellectual history. Robinson explains the arguments of Sulloway, Masson and Grünbaum and then mounts his own criticism of Freud’s critics.

Table of Contents for Freud and His Critics

  1. Frank Sulloway: Freud as Closet Sociobiologist
    1. Ernst Brücke, Jean Martin Charcot, and Josef Breuer
    2. Wilhelm Fliess
    3. The Project, the Seduction Theory, and the Self-Analysis
    4. Darwin and the Sexologists
    5. Dreams
    6. The Primal Crime and the Death Instinct
    7. Psychoanalytic Politics
  2. Jeffrey Masson: Freud, Seduction, and the New Puritanism
    1. The Abandoned Seduction Theory
    2. Emma Eckstein
    3. Sandor Ferenczi
    4. Against Therapy
    5. Marianne Krüll and Marie Balmary
    6. The Seduction Theory as Historical Construct
    7. The New Puritanism
  3. Adolf Grünbaum: The Philosophical Critique of Freud
    1. The Hermeneutic Freud
    2. Karl Popper and the Question of Falsifiability
    3. The Tally Argument
    4. Dreams and Slips
    5. Grünbaum’s Critics
    6. Freud and the Empiricist Tradition
  4. Freud and Intellectual History

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Freud and His Critics

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