Forest & Shade Tree Pathology

Written by: James J. Worrall (State University of New York)

He is a plant pathologist from Colorado who works for the USDA Forest Service in Forest Health Protection. While James J. Worral was and Associate Professor of Environmental and Forest Biology at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, he began compiling the lecture notes that would one day turn into this tree pathology textbook and website.

By putting his textbook online, Worral has been able to incorporate some web technologies into his text that make it even more useful for students. Key terms are written in purple. Readers can simply hover over the term to see a definition. I so wish more of the textbook authors would do this instead of having people click back and forth to a glossary page. Illustrations abound within the text.

Site also includes a calendar of forestry-related events.

Sections of Forest & Shade Tree Pathology Textbook

Main Topics
Wood decay and specific decays
Root diseases
Foliage diseases
Bacterial, viral diseases
Parasitic plants
Abiotic diseases
Hazard Trees
Disease ecology and management
General Topics
Disease, pathogen, names
Silviculture background
Invasive species
Instant popup definitions
Selected references
“Ethnopathology” quiz
Disease Profiles
Red band (Dothistroma) needle blight
Oak wilt
Sudden oak death
Chestnut blight
Swiss needle cast
Armillaria root disease
White pine blister rust
Disease Notes
Alder dieback & mortality
White pine blister rust still invading!
Fire & disease suppression
Magnesium chloride
Bleeding Stereum
Phellinus pini hosts

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Forest & Shade Tree Pathology

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