Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

Written by: Petra Schwille and Elke Haustein (Experimental Biophysics Group Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry)

An introductory text in PDF form on Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy concepts and applications by Petra Shwille and Elke Haustein of the Max-Planck-Instutitute for Biophysical Chemistry. Taken from a more extensive biophysics textbook.

Text is nicely illustrated with drawings and diagrams. It also appears to be written for all levels of scientific backgrounds.

Table of Contents for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Textbook

1. Introduction
2. Experimental Realization
2.1 One-Photon Excitation
2.2 Two-Photon Excitation
2.3 Fluorescent Dyes
3. Theoretical Concepts
3.1 Autocorrelation Analysis
3.2 Cross-Correlation Analysis
4. Fcs Applications
4.1. Concentration And Aggregation Measurements
4.2. Consideration Of Residence Times: Determining Mobility And Molecular Interactions
4.2.1 Diffusion Analysis
4.2.2 Confined And Anomalous Diffusion
4.2.3 Active Transport Phenomena In Tubular Structures
4.2.4 Determination Of Molecular Interactions
4.2.5 Conformational Changes
4.3. Consideration Of Cross-Correlation Amplitudes: A Direct Way To Monitor Association/dissociation And Enzyme Kinetics
4.4. Consideration Of Fast Flickering: Intramolecular Dynamics And Probing Of The Microenvironment
5. Conclusions And Outlook
6. References

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Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

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