Written by: Warren Siegal (C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics)

This high energy physics textbook was written by Warren Siegal from the C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, State University of New York at Stony Brook. The text is 885 pages long and broken into three parts – Symmetry, Quanta and Higher Spin. The author  intentionally eschews traditional quantum field theory textbook design in order to present the material in a way he feels is more conducive to learning the material.

From the preface, “This text is meant to cover all the field theory every high energy theorist should know, but not all that any particular theorist might need to know. It is not meant as an introduction to research, but as a preliminary to such course: we try to fill in the cracks that so often lie between standard field theory courses and advanced specialized courses.”

Table of Contents for Fields High Energy Physics Textbook

Part One Symmetry
I. Global
A. Coordinates
B. Indices
C. Representations
II. Spin
A. Two components
B. Poincare
III. Local
A. Actions
B. Particles
C. Yang-Mills
IV. Mixed
A. Hidden symmetry
B. Standard model
C. Supersymmetry
Part Two: Quanta
V. Quantization
A. General<
B. Propagators
C. S-matrix
VI. Quantum gauge theory
A. Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin
B. Gauges
C. Scattering
VII. Loops
A. General
B. Examples
C. Resummation
VIII. Gauge lopps
A. Propagators
B. Low energy
C. High energy
Part III: Higher Spin
IX. General relativity
A. Actions
B. Gauges
C. Curved spaces
X. Supergravity
A. Superspace
B. Actions
C. Higher dimensions
XI. Strings
A. Generalities
B. Quantization
C. Loops
XII. Mechanics
A. OSp(1,1|2)
B. IGL (a)
C. Gauge fixing

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