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Engineering is one of those academic disciplines where students must take a variety of courses to be prepared to work in their field. One site defines engineering as, “the discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize improvements to the lives of people.”

I’ve been disappointed that it hasn’t been easier to find more free online engineering textbooks to share with you here. It would seem since technology plays such a major role in their day-to-day activities that they would be among the educators and scholars who would readily embrace the Open Textbook movement. Hopefully, I have just been looking in the wrong places and will find many more online texts to share with everyone here on The Free Textbook List.

List of Free Engineering Textbooks

A Heat Transfer Textbook

Written by: John H. Lienhard IV (University of Houston) and John H. Lienhard V (MIT)

This online engineering textbook was in its 4th edition when I last visited their site. It is written by the father and son team of John H. Lienhard IV, Professor, University of Houston and John H. Lienhard V, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has been offered freely online since 2000.

Aerodynamics for Students

Written by: D.J. Auld & K. Srinivas

Undergraduate engineering students will find a wealth of information – data tables, computer programs and free online textbook – Aerodynamics for Students.

Applied Aerodynamics

Written by: Ilan Kroo (Stanford University)

A free applied aerodynamics textbook is designed to supplement more traditional course materials but does provide a great deal of information for students.

Basics of Fluid Mechanics

Written by: Genick Bar-Meir

A free online fluid mechanics textbook by Dr. Genick Bar-Meir. Bar-Meir believes his work offers material not available elsewhere in the world.

Dynamic Systems and Control

Written by: Mohammed Dahleh, Munther A. Dahleh and George Verghese (all from MIT)

Identified as course notes but this material could easily be considered a full online Dynamic Systems and Control textbook. Check out what’s included and what you’ll learn.

Fundamentals of Compressible Flow

Written by: Genick Bar-Meir

This engineering textbook on the Fundamentals of Compressible Flow was written by Genick Bar-Meir and is part of the Potto Project open-content project.

Holistic Numerical Methods

Website designed for STEM students learning about Holistic Numerical Methods. Textbook chapters, videos and a variety of educational materials for self-study and assistance.

Multiple-Input Describing Functions and Nonlinear System Design

Written by: Arthur Gelb (Analytic Sciences Corporation) and Wallace E. Vander Velde (MIT)

Classic control systems textbook by Gelb and Vander Velde from 1968; still being used at MIT as part of their Estimation and Control of Aerospace Systems course.

Polymers & Liquid Crystals

Web technologies were used to create a new learning experience for the online textbook Polymers & Liquid Crystals. From Case Western Reserve and Kent State.

Porous Elasticity

Written by: Dr. Ray M. Bowen (Texas A&M University)

Porous Elasticity Mechanical Engineering Text by Dr. Ray M. Bowen covers topics in Porous, Elasticity, Mixtures and Continuum Mechanics

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