Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Technology

Written by: Michael Orey (University of Georgia)

This online textbook is edited by Michael Orey of the Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia. The text covers topics on how people learn and think as well as theories that focus on the learner and the role of instruction in changing a learner’s mind.

Table of Contents

Learning and Cognitive Theories (Shorts)
Information processing
Piaget’s Constructivism
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Vygotsky’s constructivism
Situated Cognition
Social Constructivism
Learner-Centered Theories (Shorts)
Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
Teaching and Learning in Affective Domain
Adult Learning
Inquiry Strategies: Tasks
Constructionism, Learning by Design, and Project Based Learning
Problem Based Instruction
Case-Based Learning
Inquiry Strategies: Changing Learners’ Minds
Conceptual Change
Transformative Learning
Tools for Teaching and Learning: Changing or Encouraging Human Behaviors
Cognitive Apprenticeship

Resource-Based Learning
Experiential Learning
Six C’s of motivation
Tools for Teaching and Learning: Technology Tools
Cognitive Tools
Computer Mediated Instruction
Socially Oriented Theories
Cooperative Learning
Learning Communities as an Instructional Model
Direct Instruction Strategies
Reciprocal Teaching
Reading Recovery

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Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Technology

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