Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra

Written by: Edwin H. Connell (University of Miami)

I love this educator’s approach to building a textbook – keep it simple, include only what will be utilized in later chapters and have the material itself pose the only challenges for students. I would have loved to have taken my linear algebra course from Edwin H. Connell. I didn’t attend the University of Miami, where he has been teaching this course since 1965 – no wonder he gets what students want so well.

His textbook has evolved over the years to the online and living textbook now available freely on the Miami website. Students and scholars are invited to help Connell continue making the material relevant and understandable to students.

The text is designed to be used in a two-semester, year-long course. Ideally the abstract algebra section of the textbook can be completed within a semester. Mathematics, computer science and physical science majors are the intended audience.

Chapter Titles for Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra

  1. Background and Fundamentals of Mathematics
  2. Groups
  3. Rings
  4. Matrices and Matrix Rings
  5. Linar Algebra

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Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra

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