Einstein Light

Written by: Joe Wolfe (University of New South Wales)

This physics professor from The University of New South Wales clearly loves what he is doing – teaching. Einstein Light is one of several web-based educational resources that he has created and made available to students around the world.

Anyone looking for an explanation of relativity and Einstein’s work should check out this award-winning resource – it was a 2005 Scientific American Science and Technology Web Award Winner.

Joe Wolfe uses a series of clever animations to explain Einstein’s theory of special relativity. He explains the topics through wonderful videos and with the assistance of a pair of friendly-looking robots. Further readings, a summary of the information and even a quiz help students ensure that they understand Einstein’s work and the concept of relativity.

Modules Included in the Einstein Light Physics Website

  1. Galileo: Mechanics and Galilean relativity
  2. Maxwell: Electricity, magnetism and relativity
  3. Einstein: The principle of Special Relativity
  4. Time Dilation: How relativity implies time dilation and length contraction
  5. E = mc2: How relativistic mechanics leads to E = mc2
  6. Beyond Relativity

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Einstein Light

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