Education for an Information Age

Written by: Bernard John Poole (University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown) and Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain (Georgetown University)

This online education textbook written by Bernard John Poole, MSIS, PGCE University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown, PA, USA and Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain, MLS Least Tern, Georgetown, ME, USA, is intended for the K-12 education major or in-service teacher. It is designed to help K-12 educators utilize computers in their classrooms and become a more effective teacher. It is presented as a series of PDF files.

The text sets out four clear objectives:

  1. To encourage the use of computers in the classroom by removing the mystery that surrounds the technology.
  2. To apply the principles of educational theory to the use of computers in the classroom.
  3. To provide opportunities for hands-on computer experience.
  4. To help teachers understand the effect that computing and communications is having on the society in which their students live.

Poole recognizes the continual evolution of technology and its role in the classroom. At the time of this review, this text was in its 7th edition. Poole expects to publish new editions every year or two.

Table of Contents for Education for an Information Age

  1. Technology Use in Teaching and Learning: What’s the Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Computer Hardware for K-12 Education
  3. Software Systems for Microcomputers
  4. Educational Computing Environments
  5. Computer-Managed Instruction (CMI)
  6. Computer-Assisted Instruction(CAI)
  7. Computers and Communications
  8. e-Learning and Information Literacy
  9. Educational Multimedia
  10. Multimedia Authorware – Creating Learning Tools
  11. Funding Technology Projects
  12. Computers, Education and Society
  13. Reflections on Education for an Information Age

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Education for an Information Age

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