Doctor Fungus – a Free Mycology Textbook & Knowledgebank

This site offers what is basically a continuously updated electronic mycology textbook for medical students and physicians. But, there’s nothing basic about this site. It discusses over 100,000 species of fungi with information on the treatment of specific types of fungal infections, anti-fungal agents, lab procedures and an absolutely huge image bank.

The materials are intended for physicians. However, the introductory materials are written in a way that patients can research their illnesses. The goal of the website it to provide contemporary and historical information on fungi. They hope to “promote an understanding of fungi and the ways that fungal diseases in humans, animals and plants affect people living throughout the world.”

Access to the materials is free and does not require registration. However, site visitors will be asked to agree to a copyright and disclaimer notice prior to gaining access to core information.


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Doctor Fungus – a Free Mycology Textbook & Knowledgebank

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