Difference Equations to Differential Equations

Written by: Dan Sloughter (Furman University)

A Furman University math professor, Dan Sloughter, has written a textbook on difference and differential equations and has made it freely accessible to all mathematics students. According to the Furman course catalog students should prepare for this text and course by taking a course on Vectors and Matrices (probably equivalent to what most consider a third semester of calculus).

This free online calculus textbook includes answers to selected problems. It can be viewed online as a series of PDF files or downloaded as a single 3.1 MB file.

Chapters in Difference Equations to Differential Equations Online Calculus Textbook

  1. Sequences, limits, and difference equations
  2. Functions and their properties
  3. Best affine approximations
  4. Integration
  5. Polynomial approximations and Taylor series
  6. More transcendental functions
  7. The complex plane
  8. Differential equations

View this Free Online Material at the source:
Difference Equations to Differential Equations

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