Cosmic Evolution

Written by: Wright Centre for Science Education

The Wright Centre for Science Education offers a wonderfully informative multimedia website which details 12 billion years of cosmic evolution. It is based on the textbook Universe: an Evolutionary Approach to Astronomy written by Eric Chaisson.

In many ways, the text strives to answer the questions that have confounded men since the dawn of time – who are we and why are were here? I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether those answers come through faith or through scientific method or some combination of the two.

Site Organization for Cosmic Evolution

Epoch 1 – Particulate Evolution
Cosmology and Relativity
Cosmoligical Tests
First Few Minutes
Later Periods
Very Early Universe
Age Controversies
2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Epoch 2: – Galactic Evolution
Galaxy Types
Galaxy Distribution
Active Galaxies
Black Holes
Galaxy Origins
First Stars
Galaxy Evolution
Epoch 3 – Stellar Evolution
Steller Modeling
Steller Birth
Observations of Star Formation
Sun-like Evolution
Stellar Death
Origin of Heavy Elements
Exotic “Stars”
Epoch 4 – Planetary Evolution
Solar System Modeling
Cosmic Catastrophies
Earth’s Age
Atmosphere and Oceans
Plate Tectonics
Comparative Planetology
Extrasolar Planets
Epoch 5 – Chemical Evolution
Qualities of Life
Theories of Life’s Origins
Biochemistry Review
Life’s Handedness
Laboratory Simulations
Energy Flow
Rising Complexity
Epoch 6 – Biological Evolution
Early Cells
Ancient Fossils
Extreme Life
Recent Fossils
Darwin and Mendel
Paths Toward Humanity
Brain Evolution
Epoch 7 – Cultural Evolution
Behavior and Socialization
Human Intelligence
Climatic Change
Cultural Factors
Most Recent 10,000 Years
Here and Now
Epoch 8 – Future Evolution
Near-Term Global Problems
Distant Global Problems
Future’s Ultimate Dilemma
Life Elsewhere in Solar System
Alternative Biochemistries
Prospects for Life in Galaxy
Ways to Make Contact

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Cosmic Evolution

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