Corporate Finance: 3rd Edition

In 2014, Ivo Welch published the third version of his corporate finance textbook. The first edition of this textbook sold for $200 but students and can pay substantially less for a printed version or access the entire text freely online. The text has been adopted by numerous high schools and universities, including Harvard.

Ivo Welch is the J. Fred Weston Distinguished Professor of Finance and Economics at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

Welch explains in the preface that the finance concepts presented in his textbook do not require mathematics skills beyond what most students learn in high school. The text is designed to introduce students to finance and gradually build upon the material from one chapter to the next.

The author, while striving to make information on finance available to all students does presume that students, who use his textbook will be in a formal classroom setting. He does not make an answer key or instructor’s manual available to students; ever.

Chapter Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Present Value
  3. Stock and Bond Valuation: Annuities and Perpetuities
  4. A First Encounter with Capital Budgeting Rules
  5. Time-Varying Rates of Return and the Yield Curve
  6. Uncertainty, Default, and Risk
  7. A First Look at Investments
  8. Investor Choice: Risk and Reward
  9. The Capital Asset Pricing Model
  10. Market Imperfections
  11. Perfect and Efficient Markets, and Classical and Behavioral Finance
  12. Capital Budgeting Applications and Pitfalls
  13. From Financial Statements to Economic Cash Flows
  14. Valuation from Comparables and Financial Ratios
  15. Corporate Claims
  16. Capital Structure in a Perfect Market
  17. Taxes and Capital Structure
  18. More Imperfect-Market Capital Structure
  19. Equity Payouts: Dividends and Share Repurchases
  20. Pro Forma Financial Statements and the PepsiCo Case

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