Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

Written by: Richard Lowry (Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Vassar College)

Free online inferential statistics textbook that is being offered by Richard Lowry, Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Vassar College. It is part of a large site which offers a number of statistical procedures, calculators and other information.

As Lowry did not provide a preface or other introductory text, I unfortunately can’t tell you much more about this work. It would seem the information is geared for psychology students, rather than mathematics majors simply because Lowry was a member of the Psychology Department at Vassar.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Principles of Measurement
Chapter 2. Distributions
Chapter 3. Introduction to Correlation & Regression
Chapter 4. A First Glance at the Question of Statistical Significance
Chapter 5. Basic Concepts of Probability
Chapter 6. Introduction to Probability Sampling Distributions
Chapter 7. Tests of Statistical Significance: Three Overarching Concepts
Chapter 8 Chi-Square Procedures for the Analysis of Categorical Frequency Data.
Chapter 9. Introduction to Procedures Involving Sample Means
Chapter 10. t-Procedures for Estimating the Mean of a Population
Chapter 11. t-Test for Two Independent Samples
Chapter 12. t-Test for Two Correlated Samples
Chapter 13. Conceptual Introduction to the Analysis of Variance
Chapter 14. One-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent Samples
Chapter 15. One-Way Analysis of Variance for Correlated Samples
Chapter 16. Two-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent Samples
Chapter 17. One-Way Analysis of Covariance for Independent Samples
Selected Statistical Tables

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Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

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