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Introduction to Programming Using Java

Written by: David J. Eck (Holbart and William Smith Colleges)

Free online introductory computer programming textbook which focuses on programming concepts and techniques with examples using JAVA.

Mind, Body, World; Foundations of Cognitive Science

Written by: Michael R.W. Dawson (University of Alberta)

Mind, Body, World: Foundations of Cognitive Science textbook; a work by Micheal R. W. Dawson. He explores the three different schools of cognitive science and attempts to present the ‘big picture’ in his search for unification on the subject.

Speech and Language Processing

Written by: Daniel Jurafsky (Stanford University) and James H. Martin (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Pre-publication, draft 3rd edition of Jurafsky and Martin’s Speech and Language Processing textbook. Great reference for CS grad students and professionals.

The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming

Written by: Michael Mendez

Not a traditional web development textbook. Project design, language use and integration is the focus here. Great for students, pros and newbies.

The Quest for Artificial Intelligence

Written by: Nils J. Nilsson (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University)

One of the pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Nils J. Nilsson, shares the history and science behind AI. It is a textbook that both CS majors and non-techies can enjoy.

Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics

Highly approachable tutorial website on Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics presented by Central Connecticut State University. Great for all STEM students.

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