Chemical Transport Models

Written by: Daniel J. Jacob (Harvard University)

Atmospheric Chemistry Professor Daniel J. Jacob of Harvard University is offering his graduate level Chemical Transport Models textbook online for all chemistry students. The textbook is divided into 5 downloadable PDF files.

Table of Contents for Chemical Transport Models Textbook

Chapter 1: The Continuity Equation
0. Chemical Tracer Models: An Introduction
1.1 Forms of the continuity equation
1.2 Analogies to the continuity equation
1.3 Discretization of the continuity equation
Chapter 2: The Transport Operator
2.1 Mean and turbulent components of transport
2.2 Parameterizations of turbulence
2.3 Numerical solution of the advection equation
Chapter 3: The Chemistry Operator
3.1 Linearization as a method for solving non-linear problems
3.2 Characteristic time scales in atmospheric chemistry mechanisms
3.3 Implicit finite difference solvers
Chapter 4: Continuity Equation for Aerosols
Chapter 5: Deposition Processes
5.1 Dry deposition
5.2 Wet deposition

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Chemical Transport Models

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