Cells, Molecules and Mechanisms

Written by: E.V. Wong, P.h.D.

I love the attitude of the author of this free online molecular biology textbook. Dr. E. V. Wong explains that he wrote a textbook for a lower-level college biology course, rather than a less-covered topic, because he could positively impact the pocketbooks of more students this way. He has taught this material for a number of years and has endeavored to carve out the material, usually included in molecular biology texts, that may be better presented by their professors or do not seem relevant to success in the course or later courses.

The author admits that some classical works on molecular biology may offer more information, but he explains that Cells, Molecules and Mechanisms was written for sophomores taking an introductory course.

The text can be downloaded as a single PDF file, by Part (there’s 3) or by chapter. Also available is a series of slide presentations of the figures from the book without annotation. They are offered in .odp (OpenOffice Impress) or .ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint) formats.

Chapter Headings for the Cells Free Online Textbook

  1. A Brief Look at the Cell
  2. Biomolecules
  3. Bioenergetics
  4. Membranes
  5. Metabolism 1
  6. Metabolism 2
  7. DNA
  8. Transciption
  9. Gene Regulation
  10. Translation
  11. Protein Modification and Trafficking
  12. Cytoskeleton
  13. Extracellular Matrix and Cell Adhesion
  14. Signal Transduction
  15. Cell Cycle
  16. Advanced integrated topics: viruses, cancer, immune system

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Cells, Molecules and Mechanisms

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