Calculus-Based Physics

Written by: Jeffrey W. Schnick (Saint Anselm College)

This is a free physics textbook written by Dr. Jeffrey W. Schnick from the Physics Department of Saint Anselm College. Dr. Schnick set out to write a concise text, free of jargon and which did not require students to continually search for equations and figures that were presented earlier in the text by including it each time it is used. This book is written in two volumes, one for each semester of a year-long course.

Dr. Schnick begins each chapter with a short mathematics or other tutorial that is designed to lead students to a better understanding of the material and even techniques on performing better on tests and exams.

Each volume of this calculus-based physics textbook is offered in PDF and MS Word formats. The author has also included a cover page and spine text for anyone wishing to create a printed copy of the text. There are also formula sheets, SAC physics problems, solutions (in the form of gif files, QuickTime movies, wmv files, and movie executables), class questions, and online quizzes (with answers).

Table of Contents for Calculus-Based Physics Vol. I

  1. Mathematical Prelude
  2. Conservation of Mechanical Energy I: Kinetic Energy & Gravitational Potential Energy
  3. Conservation of Mechanical Energy II: Springs, Rotational Kinetic Energy
  4. Conservation of Momentum
  5. Conservation of Angular Momentum
  6. One-Dimensional Motion (Motion Along a Line): Definitions and Mathematics
  7. One-Dimensional Motion: The Constant Acceleration Equations
  8. One-Dimensional Motion: Collision Type II
  9. One-Dimensional Motion Graphs
  10. Constant Acceleration Problems in Two Dimensions
  11. Relative Velocity
  12. Gravitational Force Near the Surface of the Earth, First Brush with Newton’s nd Law
  13. Freefall, a.k.a. Projectile Motion
  14. Newton’s Laws #: Using Free Body Diagrams
  15. Newton’s Laws #: Kinds of Forces, Creating Free Body Diagrams
  16. Newton’s Laws #: Components, Friction, Ramps, Pulleys, and Strings
  17. The Universal Law of Gravitation
  18. Circular Motion: Centripetal Acceleration
  19. Rotational Motion Variables, Tangential Acceleration, Constant Angular Acceleration
  20. Torque & Circular Motion
  21. Vectors: The Cross Product & Torque
  22. Center of Mass, Moment of Inertia
  23. Statics Work and Energy
  24. Potential Energy, Conservation of Energy, Power
  25. Impulse and Momentum
  26. Oscillations: Introduction, Mass on a Spring
  27. Oscillations: The Simple Pendulum, Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
  28. Waves: Characteristics, Types, Energy
  29. Wave Function, Interference, Standing Waves
  30. Strings, Air Columns
  31. Beats, The Doppler Effect
  32. Fluids: Pressure, Density, Archimedes’ Principle
  33. Pascal’s Principle, the Continuity Equation, and Bernoulli’s Principle
  34. Temperature, Internal Energy, Heat, and Specific Heat Capacity
  35. Heat: Phase Changes
  36. The First Law of Thermodynamics

Table Of Contents for Calculus-Based Physics Vol II

  1. Charge & Coulomb&#;s Law
  2. The Electric Field: Description and Effect
  3. The Electric Field Due to one or more Point Charges Conductors and the Electric Field
  4. Work Done by the Electric Field, and, the Electric Potential
  5. The Electric Potential Due to One or More Point Charges
  6. Equipotential Surfaces, Conductors, and Voltage
  7. Capacitors, Dielectrics, and Energy in Capacitors
  8. Electric Current, EMF, Ohm&#;s Law
  9. Resistors in Series and Parallel; Measuring I & V
  10. Resistivity, Power
  11. Kirchhoff’s Rules, Terminal Voltage
  12. RC Circuits
  13. Capacitors in Series & Parallel Magnetic Field Intro: Effects
  14. Magnetic Field: More Effects
  15. Magnetic Field: Causes
  16. Faraday&#;s Law, Lenz&#;s Law
  17. Induction, Transformers, and Generators
  18. Faraday’s Law and Maxwell’s Extension to Ampere’s Law
  19. The Nature of Electromagnetic Waves
  20. Huygens’s Principle and -Slit Interference
  21. Single-Slit Diffraction
  22. Thin Film Interference
  23. Polarization
  24. Geometric Optics, Reflection
  25. Refraction, Dispersion, Internal Reflection
  26. Thin Lenses: Ray Tracing
  27. Thin Lenses: Lens Equation, Optical Power
  28. The Electric Field Due to a Continuous Distribution of Charge on a Line
  29. The Electric Potential due to a Continuous Charge Distribution
  30. Calculating the Electric Field from the Electric Potential
  31. Gauss’s Law
  32. Gauss’s Law Example
  33. Gauss’s Law for the Magnetic Field, and, Ampere’s Law Revisited
  34. The Biot-Savart Law
  35. Maxwell’s Equations

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