Free Marketing Textbooks

List of Free Marketing Textbooks

Core Concepts of Marketing

Written by: John Burnett

Core Concepts of Marketing is a marketing text that is ideal because of it’s relatively concise presentation, focus on competing in the international marketplace created by technology and examples and case studies which cover small, private companies up to Fortune 500 firms.

Introducing Marketing

Written by: John Burnett

Introducing Marketing appears to be a newer version of Dr. Burnett’s famous textbook Core Concepts on Marketing. Both texts offer a concise introduction to marketing techniques and use examples from a broad range of companies. The focus is on international marketing and companies working in the new global marketplace.

Principles of Marketing – Fourth European Edition

Written by: Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler, who created the field of social marketing (marketing which focuses on helping individuals and groups modify their behaviors toward healthier and safer living styles) has authored over 60 marketing books, including Principles of Marketing. The large work has gone through several editions and has been published in both the United States and Europe. […]

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