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Whether you are taking your first class, working on your MBA or Ph.D. in a business-related field, finding top-quality online materials is key to making you more competitive with your fellow students. Be one step ahead of your fellow students by accessing the theories and ideas of the biggest players of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Internet abounds with information for you but finding it isn’t always that easy.

The Free Textbook List will be continually adding new free online business textbooks to this section as we find them. We’ll leave the multitudes of journals, articles and other resources for you to find as they would simply be far too much for one person to categorize.

As this category grows, I will begin splitting the materials into more specific sub-categories.


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  • List of Free Business Textbooks

    Corporate Finance: 3rd Edition

    Free online corporate finance textbook by Ivo Welch, distinguished professor at UCLA. Text is designed for use in a classroom rather than self-study.

    Create or Perish, The Case for Inventions and Patents

    Part of the MIT Open courseware initiative, this free online textbook was written by Robert H. Rines, a lecturer at the Department of Electrical Engineering. This interdisciplinary textbook is geared for engineers and scientists. It strives to help those who will be designing new and innovative things, as well as the business owners, financial folks […]

    Democratizing Innovation

    Democratizing Innovation, a free textbook on consumers driving innovation rather than waiting for the marketplace to meet their needs by Eric Von Hippel.

    Introductory Financial Accounting

    Written by: Anthony J. Cataldo II (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)

    Free introductory financial accounting textbook by a former forensic accountant and university professor, it’s a great text for students new to accounting.

    Principles of Scientific Management

    Principles of Scientific Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor’s revolutionary work from 1911. His theories continue to be used by manufacturers.

    The Sources of Innovation

    MIT professor Eric Von Hippel shares his theories that the sources of innovation include end-users, manufacturers, suppliers and others.

    The Sustainable Business

    This sustainable business textbook isn’t about being green, it’s about long-term survivability, growth and profitability over the long-term.

    Warehouse & Distribution Science

    Written by: John J. Bartholdi, III and Steven T. Hackman (Georgia Institute of Technology)

    Warehouse & Distribution Science is a free online textbook from a pair of Georgia Tech professors that takes a modern approach to warehouse management by focussing on utilizing inventory and ordering data to guide how inventory is maintained.

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