Basics of Sleep Behavior

Written by: Sleep Research Society

This reference calls itself Sleep Syllabus but in reality it is more like a textbook which was designed for “undergraduates, graduate students, medical students and post-doctoral scholars.” The name used on the website is Basics of Sleep Behavior. It was written in 1997 and shared by WebSciences International and Sleep Research Society (United States).

This sleep behavior textbook considers sleep, its functions and seeks to describe the processes which occur in the brain during sleep.

A suggestion… the material is presented in a brown text on a beige background with a repeating image of the brain. It is hard to read. Viewers might want to highlight the entire page (CTRL-A or CMD-A) as that changes the color and makes it easier to see.

Table of Contents for Sleep Behavior Textbook

  1. What Is Sleep?
  2. The Phylogeny of Sleep
  3. Developmental Course of Sleep
  4. NREM and REM Sleep
  5. Brain Mechanisms of Sleep and Wakefulness
  6. Chemical and Neuronal Mechanisms of Sleep
  7. Temporal Regulation of Sleep and Wakefulness
  8. Dreams
  9. Functions of Sleep
  10. Clinical Pharmacology of Sleep
  11. Daytime Sleepiness and Alertness
  12. Sleep and Other Medical and Psychiatric Disorders
  13. “Won Pager”
  14. Literature Guide

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Basics of Sleep Behavior

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