Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

Written by: Stephen Lower (Simon Fraser University)

Online textbook designed for advanced high school students and college freshman-level courses.

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table is one of several online chemistry textbooks and learning materials provided by Stephen Lower of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby/ Vancouver Canada.

Lesson Titles of Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table Online Chemistry Textbook

1 – Quanta: a new view of the world
The limits of classical physics
The quantum revolution
Radiation is quantized
The photoelectric effect
Matter and energy united
2 – Light, particles and waves
The language of light
Light a particle: the photon
Light as electromagnetic radiation
Spectra: interaction of light with matter
Wavelength of a particle
The uncertainty principle
3 – The Bohr atom
The atom before Bohr
Bohr’s orbital model
Spectrum of a guitar string
Standing waves in the hydrogen atom
The hydrogen spectrum explained
Emission and absorption spectrum; Fraunhofer lines
4 – The quantum atom
The wave function and its physical meaning
Why doesn’t the electron fall into the nucleus?
Quantum numbers of electrons in atoms
Electron spin and the Pauli exclusion principle
5 – Atomic electron configurations
Atoms that have only one electron
Effects of electron-electron repulsion
The Aufbau rules
The periodic table
6 – Periodic properties of the elements
How the periodic table is organized
The shell model of the atom
Effective nuclear charge
Sizes of atoms and ions
Ionization energies
Electron affinities
References and periodic table links

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Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

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