Applied Aerodynamics

Written by: Ilan Kroo (Stanford University)

This free applied aerodynamics textbook stems from a first-year graduate-level course at Stanford University. The author also recommends the applied aerodynamics text for undergraduate students and any interested readers. The materials are presented with links to additional materials, animations, videos and interactive programs. The materials were written and are maintained by Ilan Kroo, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford.

The text begins with a discussion of fluid dynamics and progresses to airfoil design, wing lift distributions and wing design and other topics. The author suggests students should also be working with a more traditional textbook. It assumes students will also be taking a course on compressible flow theory and therefore leaves many of those issues to that course. Students wishing to pursue this topic should look toward courses in advanced aerodynamic topics and aircraft design.

Table of Contents for Applied Aerodynamics Textbook

  1. Introduction
  2. Fluid Fundamentals
  3. Solution Methods
  4. 2-D Potential Flow
  5. Airfoils, Part I
  6. 2-D Compressibility
  7. Boundary Layers
  8. Airfoils, Part II: Design
  9. 3D Potential Flow
  10. Compressibility in 3D
  11. Viscosity in 3D
  12. Wing Design
  13. Configuration Aerodynamics
  14. Appendices

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Applied Aerodynamics

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